NBS Reveals Q1 Depth of Corona-Virus impact on economy

According figures released by the National Bureau of Statistics, Large Scale Industrial Enterprise Profits decreased by 27.4 percent falling to 1.256 trillion RMB

In the Q1, among the industrial enterprises above designated size, the profits of state-holding Industrial enterprises were around 304.63bn RMB, a decrease of 46.0 percent year-on-year; that of joint-stock enterprises stood at 924.9b  RMB, a fall of 26.6 percentage points; and that of foreign funded enterprises, and enterprises funded from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan fell by 28.8 percent to 312.13bn RMB; private enterprises lost 17.2 percent y-o-y to 392.01bn.

At the same time, profits of the mining and quarrying sector decreased by 35.2 percent to 111.01bn RMB billion yuan; manufacturing fell 26.8 percent to 1,026.95bn  RMB; and production and distribution of electricity, heat, gas and water fell 24.3 percent to 121.83bn RMB.